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PC-FLIS 30/13, Pilleflis, Pellet chips

PC-FLIS 30/13, Pilleflis, Pellet chips

Big trunks, 360° screen, PC-CHIPS

This tractor mounted PELLET CHIPPER with 360° screen system, is intended for crane feeding, and can handle trunks up to 33 cm (13’’) in diameter. The two infeed rollers must be supplied with hydraulics from the tractor.

The machine is built on a heavy frame, which provides a solid basis for a stable and reliable chipping where your work load can be facilitated by using e.g. a forest crane. Each of the infeed rollers is driven through a gearbox which provides a high torque, resulting in superior infeed ability enabling you to handle even difficult trunks. The infeed rollers are remote controlled, which enables you to operate them from the same location as e.g. a forest crane, and their speed can be adjusted to suit the task at hand. All this in combination with the no-stress system ensures that your chipping is as optimal as possible.

With this PELLET CHIPPER you can produce PC-CHIPS, completely free of pegs and lumps, which make the chips ideal for e.g. heating purposes. With the right combination of the blade’s cutting height and size of the screen’s holes you are able to accommodate the PC-CHIPS to numerous purposes such as animal bedding, uniform flower bedding, replacing wooden pellets in most pellet burners, and other tasks, where it is critical that the chips are completely free of pegs and lumps. If the chips are not produced on a PC PELLET CHIPPER, it may not be designated “PC-CHIPS”.

The 360° screen system ensures the quality of the chips!


  • Model PC330-PEC
  • Wood diameter (max) 33 cm
  • Power requirement at 1000 rpm 100 - 250 hp (75 - 186 kW)
  • Weight 1850 kg
  • Rotor weight 380 kg
  • Chipping blades + screen blades 4 + 4



Video of PC330-PEC is coming soon.



Download specifications for PC330-PEC (PDF)

Download model designations PC Stål (PDF)

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