About PC Stål ApS


PC Stål ApS is located in Thorsø (midway between Århus, Viborg, Silkeborg and Randers).

The firm is owned by Peder Christensen.

Since 1978 we have produced wood chippers.

Up through the 1980s we had great success with our wood chippers Type 540 and Type 560-H, of which we have sold over a 1,000. Although they have many years behind them now, we still sell blades for them, thus testifying to their durability.

Since then new models have come into being. Type PC942 was a replacement for the previous types, and has now become standard with a hydraulic intake. With wood chippers Type PC942-P and PC942-PI with the TotalSystem we have taken a major step in producing a machine that makes uniform chips for direct use in automatic stokers and pellet furnaces with no prior sorting of the wood.

In addition, for over 30 years we have been producing constructions in steel for agriculture and industry. However with the succes of our chippers, this part of the business has been discontinued and we now soly focus on developing and producing chippers.


You can find us here:

Fransgård Maskinfabrik A/S
Fredbjergvej 132
DK-9640 Farsø

Telefon: tlf. +45 9863 2122
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