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Pellet chippers for Ø33 cm trunks

The newly developed PC330-P series for Ø33 cm trunks, is based on our popular 360 degree screen system that is known from PC270-P series.

The development of the PC330-P series is based on the experiences and wishes that have emerged from the daily users of different types of wood chippers. One of the main requirements was big capacity and ability to produce the same uniform and high quality PC-CHIPS, which can already be produced with machines from the well proven, but smaller, PC270-P series.

The PC330-P series is equipped with our 360 degree screen system, which is the only safe solution when you want to eliminate the unwanted pegs and lumps that always occur when using standard chippers for producing wood chips. With the flexible 360 degree screen system, the quality of the chips is ensured, in contrast to the insecure alternative systems that are otherwise available in the market and which are associated with several drawbacks.

With a pellet chipper from the PC330-P series, you can produce high quality PC-CHIPS in large quantities, free of the unwanted pegs and lumps. And producing PC-CHIPS instead of plain wood chips will open up for many more uses of the chips, with a significant increase in value as a result.

PC330-P series is available in two versions: PC330-PEC with tractor hydraulics and PC330-PIC with internal hydraulics.

It should be mentioned that there are also the standard versions of the chippers for Ø33 cm trunks, which therefore produce standard chips. You can find these machines here.

Click here and read more about PC330-PEC.

Click here and read more about PC330-PIC.

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Note: PC942-33PIC = PC330-PIC


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